The Future of Cryptocurrency Payments
Easy and safe payment

GAIA Card, GAIA Pay, and GAIA Coin are innovative digital payment platforms that actualize eco-friendly cryptocurrency payments


Next-Generation Global Payment Platform that instantly pays with Major Cryptocurrencies

Next-generation digital payment platform, processing instant payment of various cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, and providing flawless payment experience, setting a new standard for digital value exchange

The High tier of card types

GAIA Card provides 'Infinite', the highest level among Card grades 'Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite, Signature, Infinite'. Setting a new standard for digital payment with flawless experience and service.

175k USD Monthly Limit

GAIA Card creates perfect payment experience with 175k USD Limit per month

No Top-up Limit

Enjoy the freedom with No Top-up Limit, 175k limit per month

Available in 54 million merchants, 200 countries

Top-up GAIA Card with Crypto. Use it in 54 million merchants and 200 countries.

Compare Card Tiers

GAIA Card types range from 'Wisteria' and 'Ultra Violet' to 'Royal Purple'. Each level provides unique and Special Rewards benefits that meet your needs.


Soon to be released

Ultra Violet

Soon to be released

Royal Purple

Soon to be released